02-07 WRX 05-09 FXT TD04HL-19T New Upgrade Turbocharger

02-07 WRX 05-09 FXT TD04HL-19T New Upgrade Turbocharger
02-07 WRX 05-09 FXT TD04HL-19T New Upgrade Turbocharger
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Vehicle type:  Billet compressor wheel upgrade:  Turbine housing Porting and Polishing:  Compressor housing Powder coating:  Turbine housing black ceramic coating: 
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Product Description

02-07 WRX 05-09 FXT TD04HL-19T New Upgrade Turbocharger
New at Six Star Speed! We get a lot of inquiries for new TD04L turbos for earlier WRX and FXT cars. We never like to just offer a stock unmodified turbo to our customers so we are happy to introduce the TD04HL-19T turbo. The keen Subaru enthusiast may notice that "HL" and "19T" in the description. That means these turbos feature the significantly larger HL turbine wheel and 58 mm large trim 19T compressor wheels as opposed to the smaller USDM "L" turbine and 56 mm compressor. The larger HL wheel flows more and provides more energy to drive the larger compressor wheel. There has been a lot to say about the 19T over the years however we think we have the last word on it by offering the optimum combination of larger compressor wheel and turbine. This turbo is a great option for replacement of a failed unit or restoring life to and older vehicle. The larger wheels mean different turbo dynamics so tuning is required after installation.

The 19T compressor wheel is nominally 41 lb/min and the billet wheel upgrade has a capacity of 44 lb/min however the 6 cm turbine hosing will choke off efficiency at higher gas flows relative to a RHF55 STI turbo. Effective power range for these turbos runs 265-285 WHP with the internal wastegate depending on engine size and supporting mods.

On 02-05 WRX vehicles injector upgrades to a minimum of 550 cc are necessary with 650-725 cc being the recommended injector capacity.

These are 100% new turbochargers, not rebuilds and not conversions. They come fully dressed and ready to bolt on including gaskets and a braided teflon oil line and fitting for your vehicle.

And not to be outdone by other products we offer a host of options including a extended tip billet wheel upgrade, optional PnP and coatings. These turbo feature standard HD thrust bearing and are three step balanced and VSR final balance and QC checked. Like all of our in house products they feature our 2-year limited warranty.

For May 1st release lead times will be 3-7 business days for shipping however that will reduce to 1-2 days as stock fills the shelves.