Subaru IHI RHF55 CHRA (VF30 VF37 VF39 VF43 VF48 VF52)

Subaru IHI RHF55 CHRA (VF30 VF37 VF39 VF43 VF48 VF52)
Subaru IHI RHF55 CHRA (VF30 VF37 VF39 VF43 VF48 VF52)
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Turbocharger Type:  Turbocharger Install Kit inc. H20 pipes, teflon SS oil line, gaskets:  Replacement compressor housing: 
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Product Description

Subaru IHI RHF55 CHRA (VF30 VF37 VF39 VF43 VF48 VF52)
Factory built RHF55 CHRA produced by Melett UK.

This product will repair the following IHI Subaru OEM turbochargers:

VF30 VF37 VF39 VF43 VF48 VF52

These CHRA's are not the standard Asian made copy of the original IHI cartridges either. Internal parts are OEM quality high precision parts and castings are high quality and made in the UK. Every unit is made to the same or higher precision standard as the original IHI CHRA.

Each CHRA unit is balanced in three steps with the last being VSR high speed balancing for final quality check. Each unit is serialed and comes with a 1 year exchange warranty*

All of our RHF55 CHRA come with the following standard features:

* Fully balanced and factory QC checked for quality

* OEM cast 6/6 compressor wheel

* OEM oil drain gasket

* Full set of copper crush washers for oil feed and coolant fittings

* 1 Year exchange warranty (Provided assembly was completed by a turbocharger servicing company)

** Installation instruction provided to a limited degree. Professional installation is required for retention of warranty.

If your turbocharger has had a broken shaft type failure then a new turbine housing may be required in addition to a replacement CHRA. Check with a qualified technician before purchasing.

If your turbocharger has heavy damage to the compressor housing abradable ring then a new compressor housing is required as well.