MX Series Combination Bearing Turbocharger Super Cores

MX Series Combination Bearing Turbochargers
The Super Core or "potato" is the assembled compressor housing, CHRA and accessories without the turbine housing and wastegate actuator. Six Star Speed now offers Super Cores for the range of RHF55 turbos for the ease of installation for the performance enthusiast and professional rebuilder.

Our Super Cores are made from OEM compressor housings and our performance built CHRA's. They come ready to mate to the compressor housing fully dressed with water lines and oil fittings. There is nothing else for the installer to do other than clean and prep the turbine housing drop in the potato clamp up and run.

Super Cores are available in the popular compressor housings including VF39 VF37 VF39 VF43 VF48 and VF52 (VF52 has very limited availability).

Triple S RHF55 Super Core carries a 2 year warranty when installed by a professional and are available in stock and billet compressor wheel versions for performance upgrades.