Walbro 400LPH Fuel Pump Upgrades For Subaru

Walbro 400LPH Fuel Pump Upgrades For Subaru
Walbro 400LPH Fuel Pump Upgrades For Subaru
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Walbro 400LPH Fuel Pump Upgrades For Subaru
The Walbro 400 LPH "turbine style" in-tank High Pressure fuel pump is a brand new aftermarket release for 2011. Designed to meet the fuel-hungry demands of modern turbocharging enthusiasts the Walbro 400lph High Pressure unit can flow close to the amount as dual intank pumps or large externals but in a small, convenient and surprisingly quiet package. This pump is a great solution for high fuel requirement turbocharged cars producing 500hp or more and anyone looking to make big power and run high boost with a simple fuel system where the 255 won't suffice. This much fuel flow is not meant for use on engines less than 400hp.

Walbro based the overall design on the same 39mm motor from the proven 255HP but changed from a "gerotor pump" to a newer and more efficient "Turbine pump".

Walbro's turbine pump head uses two sets of turbine blades set in parallel on a common shaft (like a jet engine). This high efficiency pump design pressurizes the fuel as it flows through the pump axially without forcing the fluid to change direction - the end result is tremendous flow rates at a variety of different rail pressures and to suit various injector sizes.

The Walbro 400 is a simple drop-in install for many vehicles. GC and GD subarus can use this pump, although certain year STI's will want to remove the STI fuel filter (intank) + swap to WRX filter on firewall. This pump uses the same plug as a traditional Walbro 255. External FPR strongly recommended.


Overall Pump Length: 121mm

Main Housing Dia.: 39mm

Lower Housing Dia.: 50mm

Fuel Inlet Dia.: 11mm OD

Fuel Outlet Dia.: 11mm OD

Usage: In-tank Universal Fit

Fuel Flow: 400+ Liters per Hour

Version: High Pressure

Installation Kit Included: Yes

MIN Voltage: 12V

Operating Pressure: 0-100 psi determined by fuel pressure regulator